The Women of Cult Movies
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Pam Grier, Tura Satana, Laura Gemser. Cult Sirens is a site dedicated to, you guessed it, the women made famous due to the cult movies they starred in. If you love this kind of stuff, there are links to more sites having to do with actors, cult movies and horror movies. And there's always this list of cult movies, complete with reviews.
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Good links, thanks. To this day I can't figure out why Tarantino didn't cast the awesome, awesome Grier in Pulp Fiction (she auditioned for the Rosanna Arquette part). Grier and (the unjustly forgotten for 30 years) Robert Forster turned a very average crime B-movie like "Jackie Brown" into something much more interesting

I'm really no blaxpoitation fan, but it's hard to deny Grier's charisma, even in her lamest movies
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I'm with matteo. Jackie Brown, for me, was way better than Pulp Fiction solely due to Grier and Forster and the more relaxed (one might say middle-aged) performances they gave.

Way cool site, ashbury, thanks for the link to Cult Sirens. Any site that's got pics of France Nuyen is a-ok by me...
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How come strong and sexy women get ignored by the starmaking machinery in favor of bland girls? Personally I'd pay good money to watch Pam Grier or Tura Satana kick Gwyneth Paltrow's ass.
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