Bayard Rustin - Uncredited architect of the Civil Rights Movement & the March on Washington
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Hidden Sides, Hushed Ideals of a Civil Rights Strategist
Bayard Rustin - Quaker, former Young Communist cum anti-communist socialist, advocate of non-violence, ''known homosexual'' , architect of the March on Washington and, it goes without saying, great American. A critical socialist take on Rustin. Here, for our resident Malcolm X man, a debate between Rustin and X in 1960--do note the latter's views evolved greatly between then and his assassination--and here is Nat Hentoff on Rustin. A recent P.O.V. fim on Rustin - Brother Outsider.
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You, y2karl, are an artist of MetaFilter posts.

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y2karl, thanks. It's weird that when someone finally posts something interesting about a homosexual character, the gay brigade stays silent. Where's the Queer Eye now?
Regarding Bayard, he was a communist, so I automatically reject him.
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Now, now... don't get too warm and fuzzy on us!
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thank you for this post. I appreciate it greatly.
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we're here; we're queer; and we like Rustin, although many in his time didn't. Rustin's pals and associates knew he was gay, and kept him in the background because of it--something you find in many republican circles, no? And the enemies of Civil Rights (paging Lott and Thurmond) used his sexual orientation against the movement...a pity.

It's interesting what you find interesting, 111
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thinking about it--he was kinda like Karl Rove, but for good people, no?

I would have loved to have met and talked with him...a social studies teacher of mine in high school who had gone on freedom rides in college always used to include him when we learned about the history and important figures of the civil rights movement.
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I saw that POV on pbs awhile back, or at least most of it, and I was blown away because I didn't know a thing about Bayard Rustin. I meant to look up more about him but never did, so thanks for this most excellent post. I've only read the first few articles but will catch up with the rest tomorrow.

Another keeper to add to the y2k bookmark file.

amberglow, I like your Rove for good people metaphor ;-)
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the gay brigade stays silent.

Ah yes, the gay brigade. They're the one's with the chiffon uniforms, right?
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we're going satin this year, jon--with piping and ruching!
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