Trans Ova Genetics: Pharming Cows
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In lieu of today's posts on GM foods and meat, Trans Ova Genetics is pharming cows in hopes of creating one capable of adminstering human antibodies.
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Somehow the "session" in the article link got messed up in the copy & paste process.

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posted by hobbes at 10:11 AM on August 25, 2003

Will the horrors of modern science never cease? We should stick to making antibodies the way God intended: by envenoming lots of different animals and harvesting their blood.
posted by ptermit at 10:35 AM on August 25, 2003

I think 'God' intended us to make antibodies the following way:
When encountering a new pathogen, die en masse until only those resistant remain, then breed.

Aversion to science and/or technology is nothing short of ludicrous, because the sufferer defines science as "anything I don't understand" or "anything invented after I turned 30".
Figuring out how to make fire by rubbing two sticks together was the first science, and the stone knife the first technology.
posted by spazzm at 10:49 AM on August 25, 2003

Administering human antibodies? It's going to take a heck of a lot of genetic engineering to get a cow to administer human antibodies. I mean, you need an opposable thumb at the very least to use a syringe... :)
posted by kaemaril at 10:52 AM on August 25, 2003

Transgenic goats making fibers as tough as spider silk.
posted by mathowie at 11:43 AM on August 25, 2003

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