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Staffordshire Past Track. History and images of an English Midlands county : old photographs and online exhibitions on historic churches, celebrations, birth, death, serial killers and mining (and the 1984-85 strike).
Related sites :- the Museums of the Potteries, the area around Stoke-on-Trent which played a major role in the Industrial Revolution;, including postcards and photographs; In Search of Agenoria, black and white photographs of the post-industrial Black Country landscape; A Miner's Son- more mining history in the Midlands (with more on the 1984-85 strike, possibly the most divisive political event in recent British history); save Bethesda Chapel, a historic Methodist chapel in Stoke; panoramic views and history of Lichfield Cathedral and other Staffordshire places.
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Three more good local history sites from other places : Ourselves Our Place: Stories from North Sheffield (oral history - I think this site is particularly good); Brickfields: Hackney History; Swansea Heritage.
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Pure link goodness from the best of the best.

Thanks plep. This will take days.
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Wonderful post, plep - I will have to quit work entirely if I want to do it justice! (...and that would be a bad thing, why?)

Among the manifold treasures is this true gem...the cocoon casket system for those who would like to be truly ecological. There are some other green burial systems too.

The prices seem reasonable.
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Wow. Agenoria made me highly nostalgic (even though I've never been to Staffordshire - grew up in similar environments though). I went from deeply layered landscapes such as these to the mid-West of the US where it seems as if urban landscapes are just scratched on the surface and could blow away in a moderately strong wind.
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