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In Kandahar Chronicles, Carlos, a relief worker, blogs from the field. The online companion to "Doctors Without Borders: Life in the Field" (a National Geographic television series) introduces aid workers and their missions. MSF also has a series of voices from the field in which aid workers share their experiences.
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I think that the HR departments of some of the organizations over here should look a little at a persons background before shipping them off to some dodgey part of the world. She's the third expat from one organization or another that's fled upon realizing that the town's chock full of Al Queda. I'm sure the guy I get my visa photos from is in tight with those fellas. There are only two backdrops to choose from for photos; white, or a huge photo of the WTC scribbled over in Arab script. We eye each other with suspicion over the inevitable post photo chai and lemon biscuits. The horror, the horror.

Fascinating firsthand accounts, stonerose. Thank you.
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