And you thought GRIZZLIES were violent...
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Charlie Russell and Maureen Enns - authors of a popular book and the subject of a fascinating and well-recieved documentary - have been living for months at a time with bears in Kamchatka, demonstrating that man and grizzly can, in fact, inhabit the same landscape without violence - at least, no violence on the part of the bears... Their work has been brought to a tragic and all too human end... (Via Rafe Colburn, who notes, appropriately, "People suck.")
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. . .
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People do suck. Fuckheadgreedmobsters.
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I'm speechless with anger.
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Reminds me of the people who go and hunt newly reintroduced wolves in the US, but worse, because instead of stupidity and irrational fear, this appears to have been a "business" decision. People suck.
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Mr. Russell said he is tortured by the mental image of the giant bears happily approaching their killers.

"I can see how easily they were killed. That's my nightmare image," he said, his voice dropping almost to a whisper.

Yep, that's going right on my list of nightmare images, too. Ugh.
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Time to buy one of those "Mean people suck" stickers and cut off the "mean" part.
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This is really depressing, but it's not really surprising. No wild animal can inhabit the same landscape as humans without violence becomes there's always some fucking useless asshole who is going to kill them. I hope these poachers are tracked down and have their own gall bladders nailed to the wall. The world would be better without them and with more grizzlies.
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"Alive, the grizzly is a symbol of freedom and understanding - a sign that man can learn to conserve what is left of the earth. Extinct, it will be another fading testimony to things man should have learned more about but was too preoccupied with himself to notice. In its beleaguered condition, it is above all a symbol of what man is doing to the entire planet. If we can learn from these experiences, and learn rationally, both grizzly and man may have a chance to survive."

- Frank Craighead
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To put it another way: Killing the grizzlies, and maintaining a cycle of violence, was necessary to keep up the culture of fear and division on which hunting and gunplay in general are based. This is one disgusting occurrence, yes, but it's only an exaggerated example of the larger situation.
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Excuse me while I go puke.
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God awful. I did my master's research at this lodge on the coast of British Columbia, and got to observe some of these incredible animals up close. (100-page thesis sort of summarized here, self link of course, and I was with this author when we were charged by one.)

Smart as dogs, cute as puppies, faster than horses, scary as sharks, with personalities as individual as any pet - and hated by so many, or seen as just a gall-bladder life-support mechanism.

Things like this make me think fuck "traditional medicine," or at least the kind that leads to shit like this. Bears, rhinos, tigers - how many have to die to keep Asian dicks hard?
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That's the first time I've exclaimed "That's disgusting" from something I saw on the internet in quite a few years. I think I know who's gall bladder needs nailed to the kitchen tree next.
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This was the subject of a column in the Guardian Online's Worm's Eye View today, written by Andrew Brown
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wow. what a horrible, horrible story. i wish they knew who the fucks were that did that..

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