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Google: advanced search — this is new, no?
posted by sylloge (8 comments total)
God, I wish I could fix that page up for them. Miserable ...

Also, limited new functionality; all things you could do before (except, AFAIK, alter the number of results per page, filter by language and host).
posted by sylloge at 5:23 PM on August 9, 2000

I'm giving them points for not incorporating Flash into that page.
posted by gluechunk at 5:36 PM on August 9, 2000

There is actually a new feature (unless, of course, it was some kind of "hidden feature" before): the specification of text that can be used to exclude a page from a search. I love Google and use it all the time, but always missed the ability to have a "AND NOT 'RICKY MARTIN'" clause to my searches for Latin drag queens and the like...
posted by m.polo at 6:14 PM on August 9, 2000

Nicely put, Polo.

For my part, I'm pleased to see that "cached" is "cached" again, but I'm not real happy that the page rank indicators have been yanked, and got no useful reply on whether they'd be back.

Damn, but this high road is *skinny*...
posted by baylink at 6:26 PM on August 9, 2000

There's also the preferences page where you can change the default number of results for all searches etc.
posted by tomalak at 6:42 PM on August 9, 2000

Ooh. Is that new too? Done much better than the advanced search page.
posted by sylloge at 6:50 PM on August 9, 2000

Google has always let you type "-" before a search term to exclude it.
posted by Nic at 10:24 PM on August 9, 2000

My favorite search engines are open directory projects and not these big search which cannot narrow down a give a useful website. I suggest you go to open diretory projects because they can give a narrow search and a usefull one.
posted by worth at 2:11 PM on August 16, 2000

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