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Long before Andy Serkis came along, Brother Theodore played Gollum. (relevant cache here)
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Someone's got a cruuu-uuuushhh....
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Brother Theodore's Gollum was always an inspiration to me. My brother and I would emulate the agony in the voice, and in moments of extreme misanthropy, I'd break into the voice (which, BTW, requires quite the bit of work) Andy Serkis' voice didn't impress me, but when I think of him scampering down a frozen river for a role he wouldn't be shown in, I stayed any criticism. Brother Theodore was excellent, though. Truly.
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I always liked the animated LoTR, despite the alterations made to the story, it was still really cool looking, especially for a kid who's otehr cartoon movie experiences came from Walt Disney Corporation, seeing real violence was just plain cool.

And I had mistakenly read the Hobbit when I was 8, staying up way too late, scaring myself to death with the cave scene. Gollum always sends chills down my spine to this day.
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I remember watching Brother Theodore back in the 80s on Letterman -- he was always hilarious...had that real edge where you were never quite sure if he was kidding or just plain insane. I wish I'd gotten to see a full performance of his.
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