October 29, 1999
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Pursuitwatch.com is a typical American piece of fecal matter. It's a news service dealing totally in high speed chases. And now, one can get chase news sent directly to one's alphanumeric pager. It's a symbol of the general rise of 'dumbth'. If you don't know what dumbth is, I cover it a little in my column for the thirtieth of October. The article is really about some crazy stuff going on in Britain, but it's a good read. MattDabrowski.com is better than Pursuitwatch.com any day.
posted by tdecius (1 comment total)
Actually, pursuitwatch does not page you with the news. They alert
you by pager when a chase is being broadcast on TV, so you know when
it is happening. Some people think it's dumb, but the free subscribers
think it's great. After all, would you rather spend your time reading
about how dumb things are in Britain, or watching a live, wild, 120 mph
high speed chase on TV?
posted by rider at 7:45 AM on October 31, 1999

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