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Backmasking Soundclips. Backwards speech and music have been many, many times here, but here's some more clips. And then here's some more clips on top of that. [Horrible embedded soundclip].
posted by Stan Chin (5 comments total)
Some of these are a total stretch and jeezus....who devotes time to this pursuit?

OK. Obviously some people... and of course those that must include it ( in their material ) to mock those people that do...or have fun....

I wonder if Satan has the read numbers from les minions statistique, keeping him up on how many he is converting via this abstract method.
posted by RubberHen at 12:29 AM on September 2, 2003

it is to my understanding that Stan reads said statistics each and every day.
posted by jimmy at 5:19 AM on September 2, 2003

more info about "reverse speech."
posted by mcsweetie at 6:02 AM on September 2, 2003

Hee, I remember manually spinning Prince's Darling Nikki in reverse when I was little to unmask the message, much to the annoyance of my dad, who feared for the safety of his turntable. Was very disappointed to find it pro-Jesus, rather than pro-Satan...
posted by jack_mo at 6:15 AM on September 2, 2003

boards of canada
are well known for putting hidden messages in their songs, including a back masked excerpt of the "Teddy Bears' Picnic".
posted by burnside at 8:48 PM on September 2, 2003

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