A neato collection of Russian eBooks in English
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A neato collection of Russian eBooks translated into English mostly for propaganda purposes, which while not in the public domain are available for non-commercial use after the fall of the Soviet Union and certain copyright peculiarities, as described here. The archivist says: The main aim of this collection is to preserve the work of translators and give some information to historians. But whatever the reason, there's some good reading here to be had.
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Nice find, chrisgregory. Thank you!
posted by stonerose at 6:03 AM on September 3, 2003

of this list, i highly recommend bulgakov and strugatzki. both are hardly translated for propagandist purposes (the first was hated openly by the commies, the second overtly so).
both have been (are?) considered part of the required reading for any russian speaker who considered himself a semi-intelligent being.
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Ohh treasssure! Another book by Yuri Olesha in English
(People, if you haven't read Envy you need to)! Thanks!
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I love Bulgakov. Wish they had The Master and Margarita here. That's my husband and my favorite book in the world. Nevertheless, great find, chrisgregory.
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I'm rather pleased with the link myself: I was searching for any kind of reference to genies or djinn in Russian folklore, and this site just turned up...

Russian writers are the best. Gogol is my personal hero. But there are so many other fantastic Russian authors - check out The Golovlyov Family by Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin or A Hero of Our Time by Mikhail Lermontov.
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thanks chris!
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