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Convergence. Dave Barry does a bang-up job tying together the recent threads about Harry Potter and Stephen King.
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I didn't even know Dave read Metafilter.
posted by baylink at 8:15 AM on August 11, 2000

As always, Dave Barry manages to make me almost laugh.

Would you believe almost crack a smile?

Ok, I didn't cry.
posted by Outlawyr at 8:50 AM on August 11, 2000

baylink: everyone reads MetaFilter, they just don't like to admit it.

In today's Globe & Mail there were two little blurbs that could've been taken directly from MeFi.

We're the new Cognisceti.

... now if only I could learn how to spell it.
posted by cCranium at 4:50 PM on August 11, 2000

"Cognoscenti". You weren't too far off.

Just don't call me 'digerati', if you want to come out of the thing with your testicles still installed.

I figure, why not? The net stole from Dave, (ghod, I love Google -- but what was up with that horrid lag tonight? :-) why can't Dave steal from the net?

(The story there, for the three people who didn't read _Dave_Barry_in_Cyberspace -- which is a very funny book and I'm not making this up -- and therefore don't get that, is this: Dave wrote a piece, linked to from hundreds of results above, about an event that, by rights, *should* have been the genesis for the phrase "kicking dead whales down the beach". It got typed in -- this was before the Herald posted Dave's columns -- and emailed to about a billion and six people... one of whom eventually gave it *back* to Dave, and said "you know, you should write a piece about this". Dave's reply will go unreported, primarily because I don't remember it. :-) Buy the book and find out for yourself.)
posted by baylink at 10:08 PM on August 11, 2000

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