Television History - The First 75 Years
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Sweet. This (1, 2, 3) newspaper article linked from the site is a fantastic account of the first public demonstration of the television in April 1927.
posted by PrinceValium at 6:49 PM on September 7, 2003

i ? this site!

thanks crunchland!
posted by quonsar at 11:16 PM on September 7, 2003

oh CRAP.

---+++ i heart this site +++---
posted by quonsar at 11:18 PM on September 7, 2003

No fair, crunchy! You came up with this FFP just to keep me away from MeFi for a couple weeks while I ingest this site!!!
not to mention pre-empting any posts based on pages within.... mmmm, 'pre-empting'... I love TV talk...
posted by wendell at 12:33 AM on September 8, 2003

Wait til you get to the section on 1960-2000, Wendell, when you'll be confronted with the german Kuba Komet...
posted by crunchland at 2:46 AM on September 8, 2003

"all about TV sets" might might have been better wording (there's nothing about programs there), but it's a cool link. Don't miss the story of how they got color TV pictures from Apollo 11.
posted by pmurray63 at 6:58 AM on September 8, 2003

posted by KnitWit at 1:24 PM on September 8, 2003

the german Kuba Komet...
I have something that looks exactly like that! It was supposed to be an Ikea end table when I started to assemble it...

(there's nothing about programs there)
I beg to differ. I already knew that BOTH Captain Kangaroo and the Mickey Mouse Club debuted the Monday after I was born (explains a lot), but I didn't realize until now that I entered the world one day before Ralph Kramden (explains more)!
posted by wendell at 3:47 PM on September 8, 2003

"my eyes are green; my hair is brown...if you don't see these colors, you're not watching on a zenith" : >
posted by amberglow at 4:31 PM on September 8, 2003

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