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Renaissance, the Elizabethan World. I particularly like the Compendium of Common Knowledge. Via The Cartoonist, which also introduced me to the 18th century work, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, and its accompanying illustrations.
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In the same vein, here's "Proper Elizabethan Accents: Meant for the faire worker, but suitable for the scholar".

On a more serious level, here's the honest-to-goodness motherlode of 16th c. English lit.: lives, online works, essays & articles... Where else, I ask you, are you gonna get your Fulke Greville fix? See also The Edmund Spenser Home Page.
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This will keep me busy for a while, many thanks.
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Excellent. I too like the Compendium; from the Language section, explaining how to Elizabethanize your speech:

Instead Of... Say...
Okay Very well, 'Tis done, As you will, Marry shall I
Wow! Fie me! Marry! 'Zounds (God's wounds, pron: ZOONDS) I'faith! Hey-ho! God's Death! What ho!
Excuse me Forgive me, Pray pardon, I crave your forgiveness, By your leave
Please Prithee (I pray thee), If you please, An thou likest, An it please you, By your leave, An thou wilt, An you will
Thank you Gramercy, I thank thee, My thanks, God reward thee
Gesundheit! God Save You!
Air head Lightminded, Airling
Bathroom Privy, Jakes, Ajax
Certainly! Certes! (SIR-tees) (However, NOT "I am certes that I paid that account.")
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Excellent! Thanks for the great post homunculus, and thanks Zurishaddai for the wonderful add-ons.
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