IBM serves download of new Linux ad.
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IBM serves download of new Linux ad. IBM launched a TV ad this week featuring a nine-year-old boy named Linux. To their credit, they have enabled some computer users the ability to watch the ad as a download. Strangely, though, they don't make it easy to watch the spot on a Linux box. There's plenty of support for Closed Source operating systems and apps, but don't expect to view it with the popular Open Source movie viewer, xine.
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tbc, there's a link to xmovie (which has shipped with every Mandrake distribution that I've downloaded in the past few years, and which supports MPEGs just fine) on the IBM page to which you've linked. There are MPEG decoder plugins for xine, and other open source video players, such as mplayer and videolan, support MPEG just fine. You can also get realplayer for linux. I'm not seeing your point.
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I saw this ad on TV while watching a football game with my roommate yesterday. While I was laughing at it, she was completely confused. "What the hell was that?"

I understand ads not being "about" what they're advertising, but when consumers are presented with (a) a kid who's being taught a whole bunch of random stuff and (b) the name linux, they don't have any clue what linux is or why they should want it. Who would be "converted" by this ad?
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wget this. View in player of your choice. (I prefer this one.)
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well, they could have offered the movie in, say, xvid or ogg video, instead of formats requiring* proprietary binary codecs.

totem (that is to say, xine) was more pissed off by the foolish streamifying attempt than it was by the actual video encoding...

*to be fair, I'm pretty sure that ffmpeg can decode regular mpeg without requiring any third party junk.
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for what it's worth i can't get any of the links to work on mac in safari, camino, or explorer.
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But shouldn't the boy be a 12-year-old?
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These IBM Linux ads aren't aimed at people who know what Linux is. They're aimed at upper management guys, who IBM wants to walk in on Monday and tell the IT guy "What do you think of this 'Linux' thing? Should we use it?" It's all style over substance--which is ironic considering Linux's reputation for being all substance over style.
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upper management toad> hey, can we buy one of those genius kid things that IBM is selling now? what's it called, D.A.R.Y.L.? no, wait...Linux!
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(also, RMS must be spinning in his grave about 10x faster now...)
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Creepy. Anyone remember the movie "D.A.R.Y.L."?
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what's it called, D.A.R.Y.L.?

Sorry dorian, I guess that answers my question.
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glad to see someone else was as creeped out as I was!
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No no, it's called BOB.
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RMS is dead? Who knew!
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more like undead. if there's anything that can truly kill him off, it's going to be IBM trying to turn linux into some sort of Apple-RDF brand. although it will probably just make him stronger. hmm, maybe WW needs to sue Stallman for impersonating their IP.
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1, 2, 3, 4 - count 'em - windows google ads. hee!
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Clicked on the link, nothing happened then clicked the Back the following:
This page provides potentially unsafe information to an ActiveX control. Your current security settings prohibit running controls in this manner. As a result, this page may not display correctly
Secret message coming in from Redmond sir, it says All...your...base...
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what's it called, D.A.R.Y.L.?

Or you could have DARL?

they don't make it easy to watch the spot on a Linux box.

There's some phrase about preaching and choirs that seems relevant...
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tell the IT guy "What do you think of this 'Linux' thing? Should we use it?"
ehe I can just imagine the way that conversation is gonna go!

It's really scary to see the way IBM is attaching itself to linux like some parasite. apple too... same thing really.

and yeah those sidebars things are whacked. i've just noticed that in the last few days, are there a team of marketers who spend their days reloading mefi?
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I've always found IBM ads to be amusing and some of the best commercials. This is no exception.

As a Latin student, my favorite part is the Latin teacher saying, "Res publica non dominetur." If I translated correctly, it means something like "The commonwealth must not be ruled." "Ruled" could be replaced with something such as "dominated" as well.
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Does anyone know who the Sagan-like astronomer is? (Stupidity alert: In the transcript they say "Astrologer".)
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I just watched it on a linux box, using the realplayer port. Granted, the port is closed source, but still, it does play without any great to-do.

and I thought it was cute.
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Well, I was brought to tears by it. I suppose I have a good bit emotionally invested in open source, though.
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I was unable to download the movie using Opera 7 on Mandrake 9.1. I was able to use wobh's link, and play it with mplayer. Now if I could just work out how to get sound working...
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The low-bandwidth version was a little blurry, but I'm pretty sure that was Eminem.
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apt-get install xmovie

oh, man that's awesome.. pump and dump while you can, SCO! you can't fuck with the golden child :)
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What if Aliens are smarter than us, so our future open source architeture is interpreted easily, making us suceptible to alien attacks in the near future?!
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Sure, Linux is cute now, but wait until he starts getting acne, crashing his Dad's car, and trying to push himself into the box in the next cubicle.
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Strangely, though, they don't make it easy to watch the spot on a Linux box.

As it's been mentioned, they provide a link to a MPEG version, which is probably the format for which there are the most players on any platform. I remember watching MPEG movie clips on my computer using Linux in 1997 or so, long before players like xine, mplayer, and videolan existed. However, xine did have MPEG support, the last time I used it.

Did they add the MPEG link after the FPP, or is this meant to be a bitch about open formats and not actual playability?
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Thanks for straightening me out on the particulars about the downloads. It wasn't easy for me, so I stand by my complaint; however, the points about xmovie, Linux users not being the target audience, etc. are noted. And I second dorian, too.
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Kiss me, I'm a dork. I liked the ad, and was jealous of the kid.
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