Some of your oebase belong to us!
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Many MeFites have mentioned they love emusic. Today, I found out that the former General Manager was Dave Allen, one of the founding members of Shriekback and Gang of Four. He has a “new” site, oebase, which has a great selection of CDs and DVDs (for sale), a music (industry) blog, and a bunch of free mp3s.
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I've been hoping someone would mention this! I help Dave out here and there with the site, so I didn't want to self link (sort of). Dave rocks, and the site is not too shabby. If you get a chance, check him out. He's looking to make yet another dent in the universe. Thanks Dobbs!
posted by verso at 9:49 PM on September 10, 2003

Great find! The freebies and possibility of me getting something on the site [as an artist] have truly made my day. A few years back I inquired about getting some of my music available on but was turned off by the inability to talk to the same person twice about it.

Seeing as OEbase is supposed to be aimed intentionally towards independent artists, it should be a bit easier.

Anyone have experience with this, yet?
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Gang of four totally rocked live, and are enjoying a third revival of interest due to the present punk-funk obsession.

More power to Dave Allen(and verso)'s elbow!
posted by asok at 3:25 AM on September 11, 2003

There is one kick-ass live version of 'Damaged Goods' in the downloads. Made my day. Cheers, dobbs
posted by carter at 9:17 AM on September 11, 2003

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