Public Broadcasting Gets Funky
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Public Broadcasting Gets Funky
The CBC (sort of like NPR, but Canadian, federally-funded and with TV too) has a stealth project, 120seconds. They are planning to embrace new media in a big way and this is their start: stories, music, film, experiments. Not bad.
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Here's a short CBC story describing the R3 network (, and

The Globe and Mail also had an R3 report.

R3::(Radio Three) was the Internet component to the now defunct/stalled Radio Three radio service.
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Budget for R3: "The three Web sites will cost about $1.5-million annually to operate." (from the Globe report)
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This is really cool. However, this will be more attractive when everybody gets high-speed connections. Another cool flashy site is which is one of the first websites I have seen with a deeper emotional dimension.
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