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The colour scheme throughout this bright, airy chalet is a light jade green. In outside rooms, like the sun-parlour, chairs and tables are of white plated cane. Here Hitler will read the home and foreign papers which his own air-pilot, Hansel Baur, brings him every day from Berlin before lunch. Homes & Gardens magazine gushes over the Führer's Bavarian pad, circa 1938. (via boingboing)
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Nice post.
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Some of his pedigree pets are allowed the run of the house, especially on days when Herr Hitler gives a "Fun Fair" to the local children... Coffee, cakes, fruit and sweets are laid for them on trestle tables in the grassy orchards. Then frauen [Mrs.] Goebbels and Goring, in dainty Bavarian dress, arrange dances and folk-songs, while the bolder spirits are given joy-rides in Herr Hitler's private aeroplane.

Surreal. Great post, gottabefunky.
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It's interesting to see that Hitler's tastes really were more traditional than modern in an era when modernism and art deco were all the rage. Interestingly, this makes the house fit in more with what we're used to these days, than the bizarre modernist furnishings of the 30's.

And I didn't realize Hitler was a vegetarian. Interesting!
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Hitler wasn't a vegetarian. Hitler had digestive problems and he chose to limit his intake of meat and other rich foods to compensate.

He did, however, enjoy his meat when he allowed himself the indulgence.
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I've read that too, SPrintF. Hitler had problems with flatulence and he avoided meat in an effort to control it.

His chalet looks attractive to me too. Amazing, isn't it, that such a civilized man of such abilities chose to put those abilities to the uses he did.
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At least he knew how to relax.
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I hope no-one mirrors it in the meantime.

Oooh, sounds like a challenge to me!

(Anyway, it's still up at the moment.)
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and it's back.

Or mirrored, should I say.
Real History indeed!
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Busitoth: Yes ... but if only that mirror was by anyone other than David Irving. :(

BTW, even the NYT has the story now.
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