Like Burning Man, but with less drugs and more goats
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"She didn't seem to care for the hawker selling goats' heads. But she did stop when a young, well-dressed fellow ambled over to her and said: 'You have captured my liver.'" This and other stories from a very well-detailed article on the three-day dating festival of the Berbers of Morocco.
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"We've come for your liver....."

"But I'm still using it!"

Interesting article, thanks for posting it
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In Elizabethan England, they thought that the heart was the source of romantic love, and the liver the source of sexual desire:

From "The Tempest," Act 4, Scene I
Look, thou be true; do not give dalliance
Too much the rein: the strongest oaths are straw
To th' fire i' the blood: be more abstemious,
Or else good night your vow!
I warrant you, sir;
The white-cold virgin snow upon my heart
Abates the ardour of my liver.
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"You've burnt my liver!"

This overheard in a N/A version of the dating festival, commonly known as the bar.

Nevermind three days. It's year round!
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"....Men approached her, usually to say something about their livers. Nearby, men were test-driving mules and loading indignant, roaring camels into trucks.......The dating festival is increasingly turning into a commercial event. This year, the province's governor showed up in a motorcade. One vendor erected a 20-foot-high inflatable Coke bottle.......[it] took place the last three days in August, about 5,000 nomads set up camp in an area the size of three football fields. It turned into a loud, smelly bazaar. Camel and mule owners yelled. Raw meat hung on hooks, and barbecues threw off thick smoke.....

Amazigh! - It sounds sort of like the Burning Man festival.
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my husband and i went to morocco last summer and the people would always smile and hold up their wares and say, "it's berber!" to try and get a better price. even our food was "picked by berbers!" or "cooked by berbers!" i didn't realize before reading this article that the berber population in morocco was so large.
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