Lileks, eat your heart out
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Tack-O-Rama is an amazing repository of kitsch images. Categories include: celebrities, decor, and food, among many, many others. There's also a spiffy collection of free fonts and clipart.
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though not on the site, my favorite logo:
Speed Queen
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Nice site, but I don't understand how Jonas Salk, Pablo Picasso, Rosa Parks and Leslie Caron qualify as "Tack-O'Rama". (Hayley Mills and Doris Day I CAN understand.) The site's name doesn't really fit its content. It seems to be more about a balanced presentation of the whole gamut of fifties images and trends - the classic and the beautiful as well as the tacky and cheesy.
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I can't believe how awesome that site is. The font collection is incredible. Check out Bowl-o-Rama
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Oh this is great. I love this site. I love the e-cards. I love the fonts. I love the clip art.
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Much coolness to be explored. Yay MrBaliHai!
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cool post man. also they don't let you right click on the pictures but you can always save the whole page and find the images in the appropriate folder
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This is too wonderful, Mr. Bali Hai! Very fun site to surf, plus I picked up some useful feminity tips from the 1947 Ladies Home Journal. Here are just a few:

1. Do you consider yourself complimented when you are told you "have brains like a man"?
Why should you? Men have wonderful brains for all kinds of powerful enterprises, but women are generally conceded to have a sensitivity and special kind of quickness all their own. Even in the animal kingdom. Remember, the best Seeing Eye dogs are female!

6. When a man pays you a heavy-handed compliment in public, do you smile graciously (however bored), scoff at him lightly, or pin back his ears with a sharp quip?
The more foolish you, if you give way to either of the latter temptations, for no matter how stupid the offender or how little you care for his particular opinion, you mark yourself down in the eyes of the bystanders as a woman of uncertain temper who would rather be clever than kind. And every mother's son shies away from a woman with a two-edged tongue.
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Now if you can just learn how to make a perfect Jell-O wiener casserole, you'll be the ultimate woman, mjjj...=^/

As tacky as most of this stuff is (images of Rosa Parks and Jonas Salk excepted), it kind of pales in comparison to this 1938 Better Homes and Gardens article about Hitler!
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Pinto, I seem to be able to right click & save the pictures just fine. In fact, I think it explicitly says they're free to use, doesn't it?
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Lileks, eat your heart out was what I was just thinking!

Gold star for Mr. BaliHai!

P.S. Pinto, when right click is disabled, you can always try viewing the page in 'Source', cutting-and-pasting the URLs there to your browser window and clicking on 'Go'.
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Love, love, LOVE this site! Thank you MrBaliHai!
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