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/me posting as Cookie Fortune.
posted by moonbird at 4:46 PM on September 13, 2003

Mahvelous, darling! I used to live in New Orleans, and the drag queens are one of the many, many things I miss about the city.

From the first link: "Being a drag queen requires having a drag name. When Sushi announced at a Monday meeting that he was going to put us in drag, they told us a trick for coming up with a drag name: take the name of your first pet for your given name and the name of the street where you lived, or, if that doesn't sound right, your mother's maiden name, for your family name."

Well, I can't really be a drag queen, but, choosing the street where I last lived in NOLA, that would make me "Shay Royal", which of course I would make "Shay Royale" - not bad. not bad.

Or you could use the drag name generator, which says, moonbird (moon/bird), that your name should be "Crystal Chandelier" and I should be "Diane Toluvia"... but I think I'll stick with Shay Royale.

Finally, I'll just add to your cornucopia of links with Commercial Closet's trans-themed ads.
posted by taz at 3:51 AM on September 14, 2003

great links,'s another

queenmother (a fun look at many nyc queens and events, and the motherboard--their messageboard--is a kick--maybe nsfw)
posted by amberglow at 4:16 AM on September 14, 2003

Shay Royale... that's superb. Using that formula, I come up with Sparky The Strand, which needs a tweak with a little French... Sparqui LaStrand. Dazzling.

I enjoyed queenmother, amberglow. NYC sounds like drag heaven, but I'm lucky that in little Asheville NC we have a pretty regular [irregular] scene. Not as much camp as I'd like, but fun and inventive, to say the least.
posted by moonbird at 8:22 AM on September 14, 2003

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