The Princess of Wax - a Cruel Tale
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"A wicked noblewoman presides over a decadent court of masked revelers. The most beautiful of waxen automatons is brought to life by a sorceress, her very heart hiding a deadly secret. And then love triumphs, if but for a single moment, before a sudden and terrifying finale. This is the bizarre world of The Princess of Wax".

Limned by descriptors such as "sinister", "ravishing" and "decadent", illustrated by a noted French surrealist painter, and inspired by a real-life fantastical figure, "The Princess of Wax - a Cruel Tale" (web site here), promises to be a satisfyingly twisted modern addition to the cherished fairy tale genre. More >>>
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Authors Scot D. Ryersson and Michael Orlando Yaccarino constructed the work in the style of the classic French 'conte cruel' - a literary form typified by the use of a timeless, fairy-tale setting; a baroque storyline combining the beautiful and the grotesque; and an unexpectedly horrific conclusion. Woven into the sinister work, Ryersson and Yaccarino have fancifully incorporated some of the more outlandish elements associated with the life and eccentric persona of the Marchesa Luisa Casati (1881-1957).

View more work by artist Anne Bachelier at the Hanson* and Weinstein galleries, and see some interesting details from a Bachelier painting with brief comments on her technique at this fan's page. Finally, this page of highlights from Art Passions, a nice site for those who love fairy tale art.

* New Orleans people can meet the artist at the gallery Oct. 4
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By 1930 she had accumulated $25 million in debt. That's more than $253 million in 2002 dollars.

Ye gods, I need to run with a richer crowd of sycophants.
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Gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh. Thanks, taz.
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> real-life fantastical figure

Doesn't somebody very much like this Casati babe turn up regularly in Edward Gorey toons? That's immortality!

The Wanton, though she knows its dangers,
Must needs smear Kohl about her eyes
And wake the interest of strangers
With long-drawn, hoarse, erotic sighs.

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Wow taz - great find - how fascinating! Lucky for her that her daughter & granddaughter supported her in her "lean" years....
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WOW! Bachelier is brilliant! The colors alone are incredible. She appears to have been a major influence on Michael Parkes, as well.
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Big Whoops, taz -- I duplicated two of your links from your 'more inside' (sorry).
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I hereby declare a moratorium on the word "limned," for my own ineffable reasons.
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No tip for you, spacewaitress! By the way, could I get another limnburger over here?.... And a limnonade?
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