Someone's been watching too much Mystery Men, I think...
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Angle Grinder Man Superhero or Vigilante?
posted by anastasiav (19 comments total)
I for one welcome... sigh nevermind
posted by zeoslap at 12:45 PM on September 17, 2003

I imagine the government thinks of him as a supervillain, but if I lived in London, I would look on him as a savior. A savior who really shouldn't wear tights, but a savior none the less.
posted by Joey Michaels at 12:48 PM on September 17, 2003

I'd love to tell him that his "tool" is not an angle grinder, but a chop saw. I guess that would be a bit picky though.
posted by cowboy at 12:49 PM on September 17, 2003

Vigilante that means well.

I mean, it sucks to have your car booted, but somebody has to pay for the boot and it will probably be the sorry schmoe that's paid to watch the parking lot and do the booting, rather than the booting company itself.

A far better idea would be to own one of those modified socket wrenches that are used to secure/release such devices in the first place...
posted by grabbingsand at 12:49 PM on September 17, 2003

There is a "playgirl collection" section in the photos. Vigilante or, um, naked man with an angle grinder? Hottt.
posted by sodalinda at 1:00 PM on September 17, 2003

Reminds me of the guy I heard about somewhere (NYC?) a while back who walked around just ahead of the meter maids putting coins in expired meters. He'd leave a note saying "I saved you from a parking ticket, donations are appreciated."

Much more subtle.
posted by gottabefunky at 1:16 PM on September 17, 2003

I don't get it - it's not like they don't write down your plate number when they slap these things on. Seems like they'd be at your door in a matter of hours; I'm guessing with a fine far greater than your pile of tickets.

Secondly, living in a congested city like Boston, I give a silent cheer whenever I see a car booted - somewhere, somehow, one of the inconsiderate bastards who blocks me in rather than spending 5 of their precious minutes going around the block once or twice finally has something to wreck their day. Heck, I'd love to be a "boot vigilante" myself. I'd run around and attach the damn things!
posted by jalexei at 1:46 PM on September 17, 2003

Cowboy--a chop saw is a bench tool. What he's using really might be called angle grinder (a really big one), but if anything is better, I'd say "cutoff saw."

Jalexei--this guy's in London. If you read over his site, you'll learn that it isn't always the authorities that boot you there.
posted by adamrice at 1:59 PM on September 17, 2003

Ahh thanks - though he seems to group them (the authorities) with the less reputable parties. But it does seem like he provides a valuable service to those unfairly caught.
posted by jalexei at 2:10 PM on September 17, 2003

homer simpson at least had the good sense to use a jackhammer.
posted by quonsar at 3:26 PM on September 17, 2003

And here recently I've been arguing in favor of shows like Smallville that approach the legends of superheroes from a more modern perspective - I mean it's unrealistic in today's society to assume that any man would call attention to himself by wearing a silly costume with a cape and go running around all over the place helping people in distress..

Eh. Smallville sucks anyway.
posted by ZachsMind at 3:31 PM on September 17, 2003

adamrice, cut-off saw is correct. I guess he is stuck with it though, having registered the domain and all...

I have to wonder if this is legit or just someone seeking attention. The act of cutting off a wheel clamp is a criminal offence in its own right, regardless of the right or wrong of wheel-clamping (they are banned in my home town, which speaks volumes to me).

I've said it before and I'll ay it again - most men just should not wear tights.
posted by dg at 4:40 PM on September 17, 2003

Cowboy--a chop saw is a bench tool.

Eh? I may not know squat about tools, even when I was a construction laborer, but I've used a big rotary saw like that that said CHOP SAW on it in clear, legible letters.

So neener.
posted by ROU_Xenophobe at 4:58 PM on September 17, 2003

Aw, jalexei, that's a little harsh. I live in fear of the Boot & Tow Division. I can't afford to rent a parking space and I can't get rid of my car because I might need it when (if) I get another job. I rack up fines at meters because after two hours of circling the block, I'll take any spot I can find. Most recently, I had to move the car because of road destruction construction, and there were no resident spots to be found. The car is collecting tickets at a meter. I hope to score a resident space tomorrow.

When I lived in Back Bay, I had fantasies of walking down Comm Ave with a baseball bat and smashing in the windshield of every car without a resident permit.
posted by swerve at 10:04 PM on September 17, 2003

Isn't that a K12 saw?

no one has any comments on the exact model of tights he's wearing?
posted by Slithy_Tove at 11:48 PM on September 17, 2003

It may well be a cut saw (I thought it was an Irish Motorbike, but hey) but Joe Public doesn't know what one of those is. Everyone knows what an angle grinder is...
posted by twine42 at 12:56 AM on September 18, 2003

I think it's a Partner K650 Active but an older version than sold here.
This is a multifunction tool that does defy categorization.
posted by pekar wood at 9:40 AM on September 18, 2003

When I lived in Back Bay, I had fantasies of walking down Comm Ave with a baseball bat and smashing in the windshield of every car without a resident permit. -- swerve
So your saying you never had visitors?
posted by Mitheral at 1:19 PM on September 18, 2003

My visitors took the T or parked in a garage. Why should I spend an hour circling the block because people who drive in from the burbs to shop at DKNY and dine at Sonsie won't pay to park legally?
posted by swerve at 4:52 PM on September 18, 2003

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