Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
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Arr: Swashbuckler's Cove! What truth be there in pirate legends, me hearties? Ha-Harr! Know ye of pirate lassies? Recall ye the bygone days of offshore pirate radio? Should we be a-thanking the Vikings? Arr!
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It's going to be a lo-o-o-o-ng day...
posted by wendell at 1:50 AM on September 19, 2003

Arr! I suspect this will be the only one! No sense of fun, some of ye! Walk the plank ye shivering land-lubbing interloper!
posted by nthdegx at 2:18 AM on September 19, 2003

It's a slow day... The new top graphic is one of the funniest things I've seen for a while. God that's depressing.
posted by twine42 at 2:22 AM on September 19, 2003

Actually, Swashbuckler's Cove isn't some site I googled because it's talk-like a pirate day. It's an excellent, extensive resource of pirate history and as such probably of interest to people. The pirate radio hall of fame is another site I'm previously familiar with, and I find it charmingly cheesey. It's comprehensive archive of pirate radio DJs I think is quite an endeavour, and is typical of the sort of internet curiousity that I think would be mefi-worthy on any day of the year. The antithesis of newsfilter if you like. I wouldn't mind betting you didn't click the links...

Anway, enough justification ;)

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Claim: The characters on the British TV cartoon series Captain Pugwash had names that were sexual double entendres.

Status: False.
posted by nthdegx at 2:35 AM on September 19, 2003

The folks at the b3ta forum embrace the spirit.
posted by nthdegx at 2:54 AM on September 19, 2003

As does theforce.net's Jedi Pirate Council Forums Fogrogs.
posted by nthdegx at 2:59 AM on September 19, 2003

For the record, nthdegx, I did not intend to appear to be accusing you of "Googling Up a Post". I just trembled at the likelihood that every MeFite who has a favorite pirate-related site would be posting it today, instead of anything else, and especially trembled at the pre-vision of pirate posts from quonsar, Miguel, StanChin, and certain others. (hama7, crunchland and taz have all done good history posts lately, but could any of them find a better 'pirate history' site than you already have?)
posted by wendell at 3:58 AM on September 19, 2003

posted by nthdegx at 4:06 AM on September 19, 2003

You're still not talking like a pirate, wendell :(
posted by nthdegx at 4:06 AM on September 19, 2003

Word! Yo, neither R ya, homey NTDHDE to tha E to tha G tha X. You breakin' tha flow, for real, dawg!

oOps, sorry, wrong "Talk like" day
posted by XiBe at 4:17 AM on September 19, 2003

Shiver me steez!
posted by nthdegx at 4:21 AM on September 19, 2003

A pirate walks into a bar. The bartender asks "What's with the steering wheel sticking out of your pants?."
The Pirate answers - "Arrrrr. It's driving me nuts."
posted by ssmith at 6:03 AM on September 19, 2003

Two pirates walk into a bar. Which is odd, because you'd think the second one would have stopped when the other one hit it.

Thanks. I'm here all week, matey.

[seacaptain] Arr... I don't know what I'm doin'. [/seacaptain]
posted by ROU_Xenophobe at 8:29 AM on September 19, 2003

Arrrrr... This Be Rajo Clash on Pirate Satellite!

And yarrrrr... that pirate-walks-into-a-bar joke is Drivin' me nuts!
posted by soyjoy at 9:35 AM on September 19, 2003

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