Very Silly Parties
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In a British Parliamentary by-election yesterday, there was a surprise upset. It had little to do with the candidacy, however, of Alan Howling Lord Hope (59 crucial votes), current leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party. The Party was founded by the very late Lord Sutch, whose current political activity is unknown. Besides the current California circus, we yanks haven't had a good "hampaign" since this man (we're overdue).
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Oooo. Nooo. moonbird, I just can't 'do' all these links. Too much. No time.

I like the whole Boss Hogg thang he got going. [BTW, l.c.'P' in parlimentary ;-)]
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Sarcasm? On Talk Like a Pirate day? On MeFi? The nerve! (wink)
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aaarrrr...looks like the PM's party got a bit keelhauled by the fiery wench! I raise a toast to the newest and youngest member of parliment and wish her well amongst her harumphing elder scurvy dogs.

Grog all around!
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>a good "hampaign"
Former big league star Bill "Spaceman" Lee ran a tongue-in-cheek presidential campaign as the Rhinoceros Party candidate in 1988; his slogan, "no guns, no butter."
He has run for president and, if elected, has promised to do absolutely nothing except maybe shoot a little pool.

From the Result in Full graphic from the BBC link, above: Iris Cremer (Socialist Labour Party) 111
I say, old bean. That's like rain on your wedding day.
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