Wild kingdom: the secret life of lemurs
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Lemurama - chances are you didn't know much about lemurs. I know certainly didn't. Learn lemur lore and more in this fascinating look into the secret lives of these winsome critters. (flash alert! ~ via pya)
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I knew Joey.
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Yay lemurs! Here are more facts about lemurs. The gorilla-sized Archaeoindris must have been an amazing sight before it went extinct.
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Who is this mysterious 'certainly didn't' of whom you speak ?
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Aw yeah...

You know what's really soothing? Saying "lemur" and drawing out the "e".


I feel better already.
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Cyril Connolly wrote of two lemurs he owned in The Unquiet Grave and there once was a lemur page online that had the passage. I tried to look it up in my Connolly post, but like so many past, it fires a blank now. I don't like that for so many reasons, but in this case, it's just as well--it's heartbreakingly sad. One dies of pneumonia--Connolly writes that he and his wife didn't realize he was ill and had been scolding ihirn when he coughed. And one took poison bait intended for a rat and climbed a tree and ate it despite thier protests and pleas.

But he also speaks of how delightful and intelligent they are. That sure shows a gulf between his then and our now--it's impossible to think of them as pets now. I did not realize they only come from Madagascar until just now.
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Here is a passage from From Ring of Bright Water, by Gavin Maxwell, wherein he speaks of one day in Harrods I found a Ring-Tailed Lemur, lately the property of Cyril Connolly, not even the price of seventy-five pounds could discourage me from my folly.
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I love lemurs -- they're best when they're fried and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

Kidding, kidding! They really are adorable. My daughter has a stuffed animal lemur, and it practically looks alive. Cute as a button.
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John Cleese did a nifty program on lemurs.
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Adopt-a-lemur at the Duke University Primate Lab.
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All I know about lemurs I learned on PBS Kids...

At least I didn't make a wisecrack about dead lemurs...
(Scroll down to the "Crow" section for "You can't swing a dead lemur on Ebay with out hitting one of these." Sometimes, Google is a bitch.)

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lemurs. i approve of lemurs. they have my full approval of all their endeavours and achievements. i wish them every success and hope they remain extant for as long as the universe. perhaps longer. however if they ever turn against mankind and try to destroy him, i won't approve of that.
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"....I did not realize they only come from Madagascar until just now." - y2karl: only recently.

FYI, the original inhabitants of Madagascar, were the remnant population - of a vanished ( but once great ) civilization - who fled from the catastrophic destruction of the continent of Lemuria (which marked the end of the Second Age).

If not for this cataclysm, humans would now be living in zoos and cages.
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lemur, lemur, lemur, lemur, lemur, lemur, lemur, lemur! cantaloupe! cantaloupe!
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Look out! There are Llamas Lemurs!
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