Behind the scenes with an Election Officer
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Behind the scenes with an Election Officer - "Congratulations! You have been appointed to serve as an INSPECTOR for the Statewide Special (Recall) Election." Also good: F'd State.
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I too held the lofty office of Inspector, for a Calif. primary election. I don't know if this year's hoopla has changed things, but, generally speaking, they are desperate for poll workers & forced to rely on all kinds of incompetent folks who turn up (the paltry $$$ being a more notable motivation than civic duty).
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I am a poll judge and here people WANT to do it. Some folks have held the position for years. (I'm new.)

Going thru the class I learned a few things, such as -we are NOT allowed to offer any help to a voter UNLESS they specifically ask for it.

At least in my state we don't have to worry about chads, hanging or otherwise.
posted by konolia at 8:03 PM on September 22, 2003

I was judge for a day for our primary this Tuesday past and appeared in a CNN story on our latte tax.
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