Because nothing says "You Suck!" quite like a website.
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Because nothing says "You Suck!" quite like a website. "Sucks sites" and how to run them without getting sued...
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Ha, an old roommate of mine ran a "Packard Bell Sucks" website off our dorm-room web server that I ran my sophomore year of college. He complained about the crappy state of his 486-33MHz computer and all the problems he had. The residence hall people were quite unhappy about it, but didn't know how to officially stop us. The site got quite popular (for the 1995 web), and we got a bit of harassment from Packard Bell. Eventually, my friend sold out and changed to a "Packard Bell Might Not Suck" page then to a "Packard Bell Rules" page after a PB rep contacted him and eventually let him trade in his old crappy PC for a brand new Pentium-200 for just a couple hundred bucks. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.
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