"Individuals Active in Civil Disturbances".
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"Individuals Active in Civil Disturbances". Rare Alabama publication from the Civil Rights era. Courtesy of the Memory Hole.
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Weird that the state threatened the winning buyer after they lost the ebay auction. There's no doubt the use of state resources on this in the 60s was nuts, but is pulling an "Eminent Domain" on someone today the best course of action?
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That MLK profile is a nice treat - thanks, plep. The state's claim that they need the pamphlet back because it's state history, but state history that they would decide whether other people could see, is kinda flakey. I'm just glad it's been posted elsewhere.
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Damn, what a fascinating story. Looking through the pages, I've yet to find anyone in there whose arrest wasn't for either Loitering or Failure to Obey. Also worth noting is that many of the people listed are students from other states, some as far as Connecticut.

Great link, plep.
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Yes, loitering, failure to obey. I found a number of unlawful assembly and tresspassing charges, too, which seem to me similar charges served at demonstrations or meetings.

>They cite Alabama law
I think the issue has always been spun to concern state history and laws. George Wallace and Orval Faubus challenged federal legislation on the grounds that Washington was interferring in state affairs.

I'm confused and surprised about this man, Ralph Hassinger, member of the American Nazi Party, rider of the Hate Bus. There seem to be a few hate mongerers in the booklet; that is, if I'm not missing something.

(The following comment is not meant to trivialise or to derail. People seemed to be physically smaller then. These three would be seen as rail-thin today but seemed about average then. Again, if I'm not missing something.)

Thanks, plep.
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This is a wonderful post, that I just finally got to today.

Thanks so much, Plep.
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