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Amazon as search engine. Is it just me, or does every search on result in 90% results for discontinued items or stuff they don't bother to sell? I'm not very confident.
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It's just you.
posted by JanetLand at 9:17 PM on September 25, 2003 it blue?
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Will A9 use's search syntax? I hate that syntax.
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I just want to know if Google is going to buy Amazon... or is Amazon going to buy Google.
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Well, I recall looking up a book on PHP once. A few weeks later, I ran a search for a renaissance biography. Imagine my surprise when fellow history buffs were also buying PHP books.

Prolly a fluke.


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So wait a second...

...this broomstick?

It vibrates?
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the song Hot Shot City is particularly good.
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i love how their buyers are asking for the high two digits for a dvd copy of ganja and hess, while you can buy it from the distrubutor for a quarter of that.
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I work with a lot of price comparison search engines for my job, and while for the most part I think they're great for sellers and buyers, I suspect Amazon is going to have to work hard to carve any kind of market hold for A9. The last six months or so have seen the creation of Froogle, Yahoo's new shopping portal, and the newly revitalized, not to mention a handful of smaller and (in my personal experience) more successful price search sites. The adoption of Froogle in particular has been quite slow -- do we really need another big player providing what looks like essentially the same service?

(And, on a totally selfish note, can all these companies please eventually decide on one unified format for data feeds? It would make my life a heck of a lot easier.)
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