How To Do The Asian Squat
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"How To Do The Asian Squat" is a 1950’s style mockumentary by Daniel Hsia which explores the mystery and wonder of the Asian Squat. [Quicktime.]
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Further proof of the superiority of the squat is in the more efficient elimination of waste when answering the call of nature. squatters in the West can purchase this fine product to upgrade their inefficient Western toilets.
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i just like to say squat. squat squat squat squat squat squat squat!
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I dunno about mystery and wonder. I prefer it to any other sitting-style position and felt very at home on an extended stay in Indonesia a while back. Some people simply cannot do it without toppling over though. I am skinny as a rake which may have something to do with it.
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I can't do it, Dan. I've wanted to learn it since I travelled through China and Mongolia last Summer. It seemed that the Chinese could squat like this for long periods of time comfortably, and it looks like a useful thing to be able to do, but even following the film's instructions, I still can't get it right.

I am nowhere near as skinny as a rail, though, and I think my trunk is probably quite long compared to my legs. Those factors and/or a lack of physical flexibility seem to make it impossible for me to do the Asian Squat.
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yes, q, I always thought the B-52s' best song was Squat Lobster.
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People look at me oddly when I sit like that. Seems natural to me. Starts to ache after about half an hour though.
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People look at me bizarre when I do it, too; it's a habit of mine when I'm browsing the bottom shelf in bookstores. I can go from standing to the squat in one smooth motion, keeping my feet flat the whole time.

I used to squat like that all the time as a kid (I notice my 3yr old nephew does it, too) and never grew out of it, which is why I suppose I didn't lose the ability. Evidently it's an oddity enough in the states and my friends feel compelled to try to tip me over.
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I've been trying to explain the squat to all my non-asian friends and whenever i demonstrate (fully clothed of course) they are amazed by it. I think asians can pull off the squat because most of them grew up using squat toilets and thus are used to sitting that way.

If you are ever in a asian section of an American city, you'll always see older Asians squatting like that while waiting for a bus.
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