Peer-to-peer lobby
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P2P United, the new lobby set up by peer-to-peer software developers, publishes a code of conduct.
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I'd love to see their definition of 'informed consent' on disclosing info to 3rd-parties. One sentence in a fifteen page EULA that says "Oh yeah, and you're installing Bonzi Buddy" does not informed consent make.
posted by GriffX at 1:53 PM on September 29, 2003

Color me cynical, but the fact that Kazaa isn't a member of this thing suggests to me that it's just a way of promoting the filesharing networks nobody uses. Either that or it's a handy place for people to go to so they know what packages to download to allow them to download music and pornography.

The fact that details of this website was published on metafilter means I know about three more p2p programs I'd previously never known had existed.
posted by seanyboy at 4:07 PM on September 29, 2003

Bit Torrent is so ingenious. The end all of p2p. We are free!
posted by Satapher at 5:44 PM on September 29, 2003

Kazaa is actually pretty lame and limited as p2p networks go.
posted by Satapher at 5:46 PM on September 29, 2003

people still use morphius?
posted by delmoi at 7:24 PM on September 29, 2003

The mafia has a code of conduct too.
posted by HTuttle at 10:01 PM on September 29, 2003

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