"Ahhhhh the atmosphere"
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"Ahhhhh the atmosphere" should get at least a giggle out of you. Commercials at their best.
posted by physics (4 comments total)
Television? Wuzzat?
posted by ZachsMind at 8:11 AM on August 16, 2000

I liked the mosquito commercial better.
"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Buzz, buzz buzz, buzz, buzz"Clever stuff.
posted by Mr. skullhead at 9:00 AM on August 16, 2000

I think AOL should change its audio greeting from "Welcome!" to "Hello, fellow partially-eaten fish..."
posted by wendell at 10:07 AM on August 16, 2000

And I predict they'll sell the costumes and props (that giant hand) on eBay...

Not exactly MST3K stuff, but still so uncool it's cool...
posted by wendell at 10:10 AM on August 16, 2000

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