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Politics & Science. A recent report (PDF) commissioned by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) of the House Government Reform Committee "finds numerous instances where the Administration has manipulated the scientific process and distorted or suppressed scientific findings." This White House, it says, has interfered with the objectivity of federal scientists – by stacking committees, ignoring or suppressing information, and interfering with research - to an "unprecedented" degree, on topics ranging from breast cancer and food safety to agricultural pollution and wetlands protection.
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Been there, done that.
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But it is a very well done post. Thanks for the reminder, funky.
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I see the separation of science and politics to be as screwy as the separation of science and religion. Often, it seems the same arguments apply.

But in that government also *supports* scientific endeavors, we need to learn how to predict interference.

For example: a democrat administration may put great emphasis on "global warming" research, providing money and incentives for scientists to research those subjects.
A republican administration may have different scientific prerogatives, say a mission to Mars, for example, and may want to shift emphasis, and money, to these other (possibly valid) areas of scientific research.

Well, to those scientists working on global warming research, it might look like they are being politically shafted.

Once the democrats regain power, and shift the emphasis back, the rocket scientists may feel the same thing.
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Here's a question (nice post, gottabefunky) - Have Republicans become the New relativists™ who believe in no truths at all save one - that advertising and PR shape all perception and reality?
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It is a good post, gottbefunky - it ties a lot of info together so it will make a handy bookmark - thanks!

I wanted to add in dejah420's post on the stealth war on condoms - another instance of dsicarding scientists and medicine in favor of promoting an agenda.
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Meat and processed food not good for you? That's unpossible!

More USDA follies coming to light. We already knew how they bungled the ConAgra recall by being in bed with the industry; now we know how badly. The agency outright broke the law, leading directly to profound illnesses and death. Wonder how many heads will roll over this one? Same as over the last one?
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