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The Head Lemur's campaign for the ICANN Board of Directors enters the next phase. During the month of August, there is a member nomination period, in which individuals can win a place on the ballot by attracting the support of 2% of the activated members in his/her region, up to a total limit of 7 nominees per region. From now until August 31st, all activated At Large members will be able to "endorse" a candidate for member-nomination in their region. The list of candidates, including Alan Herrell (The Head Lemur), have been through the nominating process. Please keep your membership number, your password (sent via email), and your PIN number (sent via postal mail) handy, because you will need to use them to endorse any candidate for member nomination, and to vote in October.
posted by netbros (2 comments total)
I really can't say I'm to impressed with this guy. His solution to the porn 'problem' is to move it all to a .xxx domain. First of all, if you do that without forcing people with porn to go to .xxx, only part of the porn sites will go to .xxx, solving none of the 'problem'. Secondly, if you do force people to go to the .xxx domain, you're still trying to enforce national law on something global, which he is trying to avoid. not to mention the fact that you force everyone who wants to host porn to register a .xxx domain, which will prolly cost money. Thirdly, sites will still be accessible via their ip (provided they're not virtually hosted, but stil...), so this won't help filtering at all. Or do you want to make reverse dns to .xxx compulsory too?

Second problem with this guy: he has a page about privacy, and one about responsibility. However, he mentions the possibility of anonymous content publication nowhere, just anon content viewing.. I'm beginning to wonder if he might be against that sort of thing. After all, with 100% responsibility for ones content, you can't have anonymous content publication...

I'm hoping a more suitable candidate will pop up. (I'm going to have a look at the icann nominees and other candidates tomorrow.)
posted by fvw at 9:38 PM on August 15, 2000

Jeff, you scoundrel!!!!

I was about to post this on MetaFilter (even though I just saw it at your site, but still...)

It's all very confusing at ICANN...[Click Here] To go to ICANN and throw in your endorsement for Alan Herrell (deadline August 31st)

He got two endorsements so far... any guesses which two it was, netbros? (hint: He had one endorsement before I just cast my vote.)

Well, fvw... Alan Herrell, aside from being a good friend to many people here, is a regular writer for A list Apart, very active in TheWeb Standards Project, an activist against Reverse Domain Hijacking, Double Click's method of collecting information via cookies... and all sorts of other stuff.

Those are some of our reasons for endorsing him.

posted by CyberPal at 9:50 PM on August 16, 2000

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