Bawdy ballads of saints, sinners, cutpurses and sundry other folk
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The Saint Turned Sinner, or the Dissenting Parson's Text Under the Quaker's Petticoats - the bawdy tale of "A Gospel Cushion thumper, who dearly loved a Bumper," from Blackletter Ballads, a small but fine collection of ballads with themes ranging from cutpurses to kings, all gleaned from 17th century broadsheets.
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For more tales of ribaldry see Honore de Balzac Droll Stories (volume 2 volume 3 and volume 1 in mp3).
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In no particular order:

Here's a handy mirror of the Digital Tradition searchable and browsable collection of folksong lyrics and scores. Also: Ballads & Broadsides. See also (but MIDI WARNING) Folk Music of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and America, including Francis J. Child Ballads. Further 16th c. Ballads Project, and a collection of broadsides from Oxford's Bodleian Library.

For a hard-core example of a living story-singing tradition, see and hear Bosnian singer Avdo Mededovic compose heroic poetry in performance (1935).
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But tho' he feigned reeling, they made him pay for feeling, 
And Lugg'd him to a Prison, to bring him to his Reason, 
Which he had lost before, which he had lost before.

Rolicking fun, juju - thanks!
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The text of this ballad appears in the collection Rump Songs published in 1662.

Now you know why they call him "Sir" Mix-a-lot.

Thanks, MJJJ!
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