Toronto in 14 hours
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Toronto in 14 hours, by Sam Javanrouh, who owns the number one Canadian photoblog: Daily Dose of Imagery
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Very cool. As a Torontonian, I plan to send this to all my friends.
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Good lord, that video is fucking amazing. This was done with a consumer digital camera? How on earth do you store that many images and keep the camera going for 14 hours?

AC adapter and some scripting?
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Wow! I want to know how to do this. I do a lot of travelling and I'd love to get some sequences like this.

I've got a camera, a laptop and ac adapters... now I just need a clue.
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matt, i'm only guessing but i'm assuming that he has either a very large CF card or a IBM Microdrive, both of which his camera takes. The photos aren't that large so he theoretically could have done it with a 256 CF Card (at 640x480, my camera will store 980 pictures on a 256).

The camera he's using is a Canon Powershot G3, which probably has interval shooting on it. (I have a G2, it's an excellent camera and Canon just released a G5, which, if you scroll to the bottom of this review, you'll see it does have interval shooting on it.)

And the camera does come with an ac adapter, so no doubt he did use that. Excellent video.
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If you're using a Canon, check for one of the ...Remote programs. PSRemote even works with a bunch of the point/shoots. If you want to find another program just look for "tethered operation" ... basically you remotely control the camera over the USB port, and suck the images off the camera via the same channel as they're taken. Very popular for studio work, as well as time lapse applications.
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wow, thanks devbrain!

so much for my theory. :)
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Thanks devbrain! Now maybe I can return to my hotel room and find a potentially interesting time-lapse sequence. And only $30, to boot!
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He describes the process of time-lapse on this post here.
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[this is good, eh]
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Yeah, my Canon G2 came with the software to take time lapses, I'm sure his G3 did too.
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