Silicon Valley strikes again
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The Computer History Museum is hosting this years Vintage Computer Festival in Mountain View, California. Featuring live demonstatrions of a Xerox Alto as well as an auction for a Commodore 64 prototype, this year promises to be fun for geeks of all ages. (via Wired)
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Apologies if any of these links are double posts
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I am depressed that the sexy vintage auction is for an item that came out the year I graduated from high school.
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On preview, spellcheck is a handy tool. Sorry spellingfilter...
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I might find the whole retro facination for Commodore 64 cool were it not for the fact that every day online I encounter some story or post that mentions Commodore 64, usually in a somewhat sad attempt to display technogeek hipness.

I mean, really--it's like getting a hard-on over a toaster.
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But how many games did they make for your toaster?
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