George (the Elder) Loves Teddy
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Kennedy To Receive Bush Public Service Award
Say Whaaat? "The George Bush Presidential Library Foundation announced that United States Senator Edward M. Kennedy would receive the 2003 George Bush Award for Excellence in Public Service." The Elder Bush selects the winner of this award personally... This must mean either that (a) W. had stopped accepting phone calls from his dad or (b) he will now...
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wow, we should all start leaving drowning women in cars now. oops. did i say that out loud?

and this was a good idea because....?
posted by djspicerack at 6:24 AM on October 8, 2003

I think this award was a fraud made up in Texas.
posted by jbrjake at 7:28 AM on October 8, 2003

I agree, djspicerack. Anyone who's been caught driving drunk should have their decades of valuable public service disregarded. I'm looking at you, George Dubya Bush.
posted by stonerose at 7:44 AM on October 8, 2003

maybe it has something to do with arnie winning CA. she is a kennedy, niece to JFK. no wait, probably just a coincidence, yeah....
posted by proof_nc at 7:58 AM on October 8, 2003

OK. Let me get this straight.

Ted Kennedy gets an award from George Bush. Arnold Schwarzenegger is governor of California. And there's a very good chance we could have a Cubs/Red Sox World Series.

If anyone needs me I'll be stocking up on canned goods and building a bunker.
posted by jonmc at 8:19 AM on October 8, 2003

It's probably some kind of sarcastic in-joke.
posted by aeschenkarnos at 8:40 AM on October 8, 2003

Umm... anyone see the weather report for Hell today?
posted by LouReedsSon at 9:50 AM on October 8, 2003

Wow, I never thought I'd hear "Kennedy" and "Bush Award" in the same sentence. on second thought...
posted by condour75 at 10:59 AM on October 8, 2003

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