Yes, Mr. Gore, I Believe in God, and Other Wack Tales From the Culture Wars:
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Yes, Mr. Gore, I Believe in God, and Other Wack Tales From the Culture Wars: Record label CEO Danny Goldberg has some interesting things to say on the Gores, Lieberman, and the moral watchdog-ism that permeates the current electoral farce.
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He makes a lot of interesting points. I certainly feel great distaste for Tipper Gore and her PMRC; that was one of the early indications to me that the Democrats were just another head of the same regressive hydra as their Republican counterparts.
posted by wiremommy at 1:22 PM on August 16, 2000

Admittedly, the Democratic Convention has been much more convincing so far than the Republican convention. However. Joe Lieberman has repeatedly attacked Hollywood, saying how hard it is to "raise PG children in an X-rated world." Personally I don't want to see MY world dumbed down for someone else's kids.

Tipper Gore used to be quite the censormonger herself, back in the 70s she'd go toe for toe against people like Frank Zappa. I just don't trust her any farther than I could throw her.

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Joe Lieberman has repeatedly attacked Hollywood, saying how hard it is to "raise PG children in an X-rated world."

Crap! That was the title of Tipper's censormonger book.

The Gores had been backing away from Tipper's old crusades (particularly back when she went through a round of image-upkeep claiming she had been clinically depressed at the time she was most active with the PMRC) but I guess since Shrub is scoring points with his vague talk about "virtue", they've decided to embrace their censorious bullshit pasts.

I expect this is just talk to counter the scuffle over the Playboy Mansion fundraiser, but it's STUPID talk that makes me even less inclined to support the Dems. I was planning to still vote for them in races where there's no Green Party candidate available, but this makes me feel like abstaining when the only choices are Democan and Republicrat.
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I can get heavy handed moralizing and censorship attempts with either lots of Jesus or with some Moses. That pretty much sums up why I'm voting third party.
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I always get disappointed when I hear about stuff like this. I mean, the Dems are usually the ones defending the First Amendment. I thought Republicans were supposed to be the evil, puritanical hatemongers...
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It saddens me that, according to this story, Nader wants to make the media as much of a scapegoat as the major parties.
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oh goodness, people make so much out of single issues! i honestly can't see gore or lieberman pulling out the stops on a censorship campaign if elected...i can see some controls happening...perhaps the rating of violent games, stricter guidelines for what can be shown when on television...i don't think it's about content as much as distribution...

as far as abstaining if there's no green party candidate...can you abstain from living in your city, state, country for the next four years? i read an excellent suggestion for compromise. nader doesn't expect to win this election. he's laying the groundwork for a progressive third party in years to come. the compromise is this: if you want to vote for nader and gore is ahead in the polls in your state, then do it. if the race between bush and gore is tight, then vote for gore. that way the progressive lefts get heard and make some headway. but, it still leaves room for having a "liberal" president this term. if people blindly vote green without considering the options, then bush is in for sure.

joe lieberman is getting a lot of criticism for some of his ultra-conservative views, but if you look at his senate voting record he has consistently protected the NEA, a woman's right to choose, voted for minimum wage increases, voted against uber-conservative supreme court choices, voted for equal opportunity, voted for gay rights, has been very centrist in fiscal and defense votes, protected free speech and has been very supportive of families and health care issues...

i think people should consider the total package!
posted by centrs at 5:07 AM on August 18, 2000

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