Changing the World of Internet and Politics
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What do Al Jazeera, AOL, Salam Pax and Sheffield City Council all have in common? Well according to PoliticsOnline they are all "Changing the World of Internet and Politics"...
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So, as a resident of Sheffield do I feel that my local council is using the internet to revolutionise politics? Well, yes and no. The e-voting initiative was all very exciting and everything, but it didn't actually provide me with any decent candidates to vote for, so I didn't vote. The 2.5% increase in turnout could probably be attributed to people just trying out the new technology rather than actually taking an interest in local government. But where the internet has made an undeniable impact is with access to information. More and more information about the city in which I live is making its way online through both the council's own website and other independant sources, and access to information is a vital part of the democratic process. I didn't vote because I had no information about who I was voting for, except for one flyer that came through my front door which said (I paraphrase) "Vote for me, because I want Sheffield's services to be better" as if he hoped that the other candidates were campaigning on a platform of wanting them to be worse. The information a voter needs is gradually becoming available and in addition the internet is bringing with it the ability to debate the information with other people without social, demographic and geographical constraints. This in turn allows you to fine tune your own views (if you are willing to listen to the opinions of others).
posted by chill at 6:05 AM on October 9, 2003

You forgot to end your post with the Miguel-esque: 'What websites do you think are making a difference?'
posted by dgaicun at 6:52 AM on October 9, 2003

Hurrah! Sheffieldfilter here we come. Take that California
posted by devon at 2:12 PM on October 9, 2003

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