More corruption of science
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More corruption of science in the service of religious or political doctrine. (sigh) Actually, the science isn't corrupt. Just the vile persons who doom millions of others to suffering and death by promulgating religious nonsense as scientific fact.
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You know, when the vatican starts telling people what virus' do, I think they've forfeited that whole 'Religion does one thing, science another' argument they trot out when someone accuses them of irrelevance.

Perhaps they would be so kind as to explain their experimental data, and explain where they got it. Is there a secret condom testing room in the vatican? Is that why the pope always looks so tired? Or did the big G appear in a flash of light and, not bothering to mention anything about the middle east, say: "Condoms. Bad."?
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The Vatican's Cardinal Trujillo said: "They [the NIH and the WHO] are wrong about that [that viruses can't get through condoms]... this is an easily recognisable fact."

Wow. My moral authority is bigger than your moral authority. Or, as we in the mathematics game call this, "Proof by Intimidation and Repeated Assertion."
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