Dworkin on Freedom After Sept. 11
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Ronald Dworkin’s Rights and Terror [pdf]. At NYU's Colloquium in Legal, Political and Social Philosophy, Dworkin provides a useful catalogue of the Bush administration’s restrictions on the rights of both citizens and non-citizens of the US since September 11th. Via Crooked Timber and Larry Solum's Legal Theory Blog.
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What, did I scare everybody off with the legal theory?
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We're still reading.
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Thanks so much. monju_bosatsu.

Dworkin is a great political philosopher. I was lucky enough to attend his seminars when I was doing post-doc work in Oxford and I was impressed by his curious, really open attitude. He's an excellent debater and I'd say, just as Nozick is politically conservative but relevant to all those who study politics, Dworkin is just as important for those who happen to tend towards the Right.

Even though John Rawls will continue to be, imo, the most influential (i.e. persuasive) liberal political philosopher of our times, as Michael Oakeshott, though tragically less read, is by far the most influential conservative.
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