The Thing With Two Heads!
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The Thing With Two Heads! (asf and avi files within) A quick friday diversion, with bonus G.I. Joe remixes. Best worst movie ever?
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Since my girlfriend (future wife) and I made out for the first time while watching this over 25 years ago, I have to admit that I've got a special place in my heart for this weird little turkey.

Still, when you're talking about transplanted-head flicks, it's awfully hard to come up with anything as gawdawfully tawdry, creepy, and unintentionally humorous as The Brain That Wouldn't Die".

posted by MrBaliHai at 6:05 AM on October 10, 2003

Aw crap, forgot to close the href tag. Administrator, please hope me!
posted by MrBaliHai at 6:08 AM on October 10, 2003

Thanks, mcsweetie. (Did you know there were two guys named Rosey --the other spelled Rosie-- on the 1960 NY Giants?)

MrBali: there is no hope :) for you.
posted by Dick Paris at 6:55 AM on October 10, 2003

The Onion A.V. Club 's mini-review.

RIYL: The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant and (my all-time fave) The Manster.
posted by LinusMines at 8:26 AM on October 10, 2003

So if he had sex it'd make The Thing With Three Heads And Two Backs?

thanks, I'm here all week...
posted by gottabefunky at 8:28 AM on October 10, 2003

I'll be very disappointed if "Pork Chop Sandwiches!" doesn't become the next MeFi meme.

Man, they're really in deeeeep trouble!
posted by filmgoerjuan at 8:46 AM on October 10, 2003

How about "Plo Chop Sandwiches"?
posted by MrBaliHai at 9:01 AM on October 10, 2003

I swear to allah that at that radiohead show monday, a kid standing next to me yelled out, "HEY KID! I'M A COMPUTER STOP ALL THE DOWNLOADIN'!"

I was about to turn to him and say, "Aw hell no, whats up dog?" but then I remember he was a radiohead fan and probably super damn dorky.
posted by mcsweetie at 9:47 AM on October 10, 2003

"Now you know you GOT'S to go!"
posted by Dr_Octavius at 10:33 AM on October 10, 2003

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