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Starts with an "S" and ends with "ne" and is used to fill breast implants... That's right, silicone is trying to make a comeback as the "it" choice for filling up those implants instead of saline. What's that? They're unsafe? There's a company out there that would like nothing better than to change your mind.
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Pictures speak louder than words. [nsfw]
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Of course, I've heard breast implants make finding lumps harder, and cancer more likely to go undetected in those surgically endowed.
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"Starts with an "S" and ends with "ne" and is used to fill breast implants..."

jeddings, you're just waiting for someone to point out that both saline and silicone fit that description aren't you?
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Aside from the fact that, for the most part, women with any sort of implant look like Frankensteinian balloon combovers gone fiendishly awry, what advantage (other than to the stock price of the company that makes them) do the silicone versions offer?
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Saccharine? Sandstone? SAXOPHONE?

Every single one of those photos, kaibutsu, screams "I have fake breasts." They all have that high, hard sphere look.
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yeah, but comon e.e. coli, I think every one of those women look better in the after shot than in the before.
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Silicone Boobies for Dummies
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Pictures speak louder than words. [nsfw]
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YOU GUYS ARE ALL WRONG!!! Sweet nipple of truth. It is...
>>> Saccharine.
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The silicone breast implant 'crisis' was manufactured by lawyers.

There has not been, to date, a study that has shown that the silicone in implants is responsible for problems.

There has been a decade since the 'crisis' and no link has been found other than the one between the class action settlement and the attorney's pockets.
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wow, magullo, good job finding photos even more disgusting than what the industry is pushing...

Argyle: From the article, and a study conducted by the company that wants to sell these:

"The key Inamed study of 940 women showed that about 20 percent of those who had cosmetic enlargements had problems within three years that required another operation. [...] The study also showed that after two years, women with silicone implants had consistently more health complaints in eight categories, ranging from muscle and joint pain to fatigue and morning stiffness. In its assessment of the data, the FDA noted the consistent increases but said there had been no control group to test the findings."

20% is a pretty damned high likelyhood of having to go under the knife again.
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kaibutsu, I wanted to balance the industry's view with the FDA's view (like you just did). As you're probably aware of, I can get much grosser ones in non-government sites.
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I sorta know one of the toxicologists who participated in that big study, and I trust her work.

That said, I find the whole issue of breast augmentation simply abominable. I do not understand it. .. well I do actually but I hate that aspect of our culture.
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