Awesome Music Videos on DVD
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Groundbreaking music videos (quicktime req'd) courtesy of Palm Picture's exciting new Director's Label. The first collections are courtesy of Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry & Chris Cunningham.
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Any other suggestions for future DVDs...Sophie Muller, Sofia Coppola & Jonathan Glazer?
posted by boost ventilator at 12:14 PM on October 14, 2003

Personally, I'd give anything to see the video for "Incubus (Blue Suit)" by Tuxedomoon again.
posted by black8 at 12:26 PM on October 14, 2003

I'm probably going to make it to Resfest 2003, so I might hold off on watching the Michel Gondry dvd until after then so I don't spoil the retrospective.

For reference, Palm Pictures is the parent company of Res Magazine.
posted by mikeh at 12:40 PM on October 14, 2003

Sputnik7 and Yahoo have many of the featured videos in lower resolution.
posted by donth at 12:51 PM on October 14, 2003

Mikeh, I'm also checking out Resfest this year. I plan on seeing the Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry titles. Personally I can't wait to see Weapon of Choice on the big screen with Christopher Walken's commentary....
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Spike Jonzes short film about shoes (how they got there) is just one of the most wonderful short films ever made, and worth the price of the DVD on its own.
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Sputnik7 and Palm Pictures have been gettin' it done, streaming media-wise for quite awhile now. Sputnik7 was one of the forerunners of streaming video media delivery, a little before the time dcn started up. I also really enjoyed their mini-series about NYC marijuana delivery services "We Deliver".

Word up. Thanks for the link.
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some of the names i'd like to see included... mark romanek, jonas ackerlund, sofia & roman coppola, shynola, bryan barber (i think one of the more prolific hip hop video directors working today), tim hope (although a lot of the bands he's directed videos for are rather bland, he's definitely pioneered a look that's being used in many videos today... see coldplay's "trouble" video for the best example)
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i don't know if a lot of the above names could hold their own dvds, but they've definitely had an effect on music videos, whether the public notices or not. jonze, cunningham, and gondry are perhaps the three most name-dropped of all music video directors. i like them all a lot, but there's lots of others out there that deserve mention.
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really enjoying "we deliver", thanks for the link
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Floria Sigismondi has been my favorite for a while.
(But now every time I see the new Outkast I can't help but smile.)
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Apparently these 3 guys have done every single music video that i appreciate - and i didn't know it until today. Thanks - and thank you for the link to sputnik7 donth - it just cost me a days work.
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Adding Jonathon Glazer to that list would pretty much encompass the best music video makers of the past decade (or any decade imho).

Gondry's list shows you how many outstanding videos he has produced.

I am always suprised how Jonathon Glazer is ommitted from the big 3 as I believe he is the most talented. Radiohead Just, UNKLE Rabbit in your Headlights and Jamiroquai Virtaul Insanity are enough to put him in any top 3 videomakers list.

Walter Stern deserves a mention too.
posted by fullerine at 5:27 AM on October 15, 2003

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