I was reading cryptonomicom last night
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I was reading cryptonomicom last night..and awoke this morning to read this online.. Deja vu, Datahaven! I'm glad they found good use for that antiaircraft deck.
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Um, old news. And reality has kicked in: HavenCo's lead engineer was turned away at passport control because he didn't have a British work permit. When he said that he didn't need one, because Sealand is independent, he was told that the Home Office disagreed, and ushered onto the next plane back.

Right now, they're trying to land people there from the European coastline. Not ideal.
posted by holgate at 7:27 PM on August 17, 2000

Ouch, thats depressing....
posted by dabitch at 3:40 AM on August 18, 2000

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