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Search for the Loch Ness Monster, one of the dozens of classic articles written by Scuba pioneer and legend Walt Deas.
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Nice post. I'm a wannabe avid diver (I live inland but I've done about 40 dives, most in Hawaii but some in the Great Lakes). I don't know about Loch Ness, but he has an excellent way of writing. I'd honestly never heard of him before, it looks like I'll be spending some time reading this weekend.
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I really admire Walt's writing style. I found the Loch Ness article quite mesmerizing and entertaining, but also educational. I remember as a child reading a wonderful series of autobiographical books recounting the adventures of a couple who wandered the globe in their sailboat. Stories like those always inspire me to want to learn to write better, and also to spend less time in front of a TV. Thanks for the great links!
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The water, though not very warm, was bearable the color of whisky
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