Druze Clues
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The Druze community reside in Israel, Lebanon and Syria who've been rather overlooked as the middle-east situation complexifies. Discover (scroll halfway down) an ancient culture and it's faith that have had to adapt to an increasingly unstable climate.

They share some similarities to the Iraqi Yezidi of this thread.
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I thank you for this post--as well as for the pointer to the Yezidi FPP that I missed whilst on holiday.

Although I knew of the Druzes, I knew little of their most enlightened theology and nothing of their belief in the transmigration of souls. The vision of Tawhid--pure monotheism--underlies all the world's great religions. The Druze conception (leaving aside the status of Hakim) draws on the best postulates of these religions--with more than a little gnosticism for leavening.
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"The vision of Tawhid--pure monotheism--underlies all the world's great religions." Or at least all the world's great monotheistic religions. *8)
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This is a really fascinating post...thanks much!
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When my father was backpacking in Israel 30 years ago, one night he set up his sleeping bag on the desert-floor. (Imagine roughing it at the side of the road these days!) He woke to find himself circled by a group of strange, veiled desert-men: the Druze. They invited him back to their camp, showed him astonishing hospitality and kindness. They've fascinated me, ever since I heard that story... thanks for the link!
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I'll chime in with amazment and wonder at the Druze. I spent a day in a Druze village in the north of Israel and got to talk with locals and find out things about their lives in Israel.

*Druze serve in the Israeli army (unlike palestinians, who, by all rights, might be ordered to kill their own family members in the west bank or in Lebanon / Jordan).

*Druze have some really interesting religious beliefs.
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