you, too, can be an internet pornmeister!
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pornocombo... a musical combination of sex and graphicism [note: flash, nsfw]
posted by crunchland (6 comments total)

i want more samples
posted by sourbrew at 7:41 PM on October 18, 2003

Sourbrew, at least there isn't a wah-wah. Nice link, crunchland!
posted by shoepal at 8:06 PM on October 18, 2003

That is a hell of a find. Awesome.
posted by BlueTrain at 8:31 PM on October 18, 2003

I couldn't figure out what the last effect did.
posted by kavasa at 9:11 PM on October 18, 2003

Weird as hell, but fun to mess with, thanks.
posted by Be'lal at 12:23 AM on October 19, 2003

That's kinda cool, in a sassy French way.
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 7:27 AM on October 19, 2003

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